Media outreach for Los Angeles Theatrical Premiere
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Coverage Highlights:

Associated Press ­ - Feb 3, 2015
“Hollywood and Havana Inch Closer with New Cuba Regulations”

Los Angeles Times ­ - Jan 6, 2015
“Thaw in U.S.­Cuba relations stuns 'Alumbrones' filmmakers” by David Ng. - ­ Jan 15, 2015
“You cannot watch this film and not fall in love, even a little bit...Director Bruce Donnelly captures that passion, and the Cuban spirit that drives it, in his fascinating and exquisitely filmed ALUMBRONES.” ­Abigail R. Esman,

LA Weekly ­ - Jan 15, 2015
“[ALUMBRONES] gives a fascinating glimpse into the regionalism that a difficult environment can foster.” ­Catherine Wagley, LA Weekly

Los Angeles Times - ­ Jan 16, 2015