Don't you just hate "gotcha" article headers like that? These days, it seems my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds are overflowing with purported "thought leaders" debunking the debunking of long-held knowledge and best practices to inform us of the "new new" practices we should all be adopting yesterday.

If that sounds confusing to you, then we're on the same page here...because, guess what? Not all that much has changed about our communication methodology, even though our technology has grown by leaps and bounds from one month to the next. And this is great news for people like us because it means we don't have to attempt to grasp an entirely new relational grammar, but merely adapt our old-school systems for the platform du jour

Just think of social media as one giant, global cocktail party. Sometimes you talk to the person on your left, sometimes to the person on your right, occasionally you have something pithy to say to the small group of people gathered around you, and, every once in a while, you get up in front of the entire crowd and expound on the hot topic of the day. You never want to hog the spotlight and you'd like to always leave them laughing. If you can handle an hour at a mixer, you can handle social media. It's not for everyone, but, once you get the hang of it, you'll find it's not as intimidating as you once might have thought. And like any cocktail party, sometimes you put your foot in your mouth. More on that next time...