Smarthouse Creative co-founder and principal, Brad Wilke, also moonlights as a film programmer for the Seattle International Film Festival, where he picks films and plans panels for SIFF's New American Cinema and SIFF Catalyst programs (as well as SIFF's new Catalyst Screenplay Competition, which you should totally check out, too!).

As such, he has the opportunity to bring some of the indie film world's best, brightest, and most interesting people to Seattle during SIFF's Catalyst Weekend (third weekend of the fest), including Seed&Spark founder and CEO, Emily Best.

Emily treated attendees to her invigorating, call-to-action of a workshop, "Crowdfunding to Build Independence", on Saturday, May 31 at SIFF Film Center on the Seattle Center campus. And thanks to the digital video production skills of Leroy Mack III (producer), Alen Blake/BOKEHEM Media (camera & editing), and Bryan Adams (camera), we have a multi-camera, high-def version of Emily's engaging workshop!

Get out your notebooks and prepare to be schooled!