Together with partners Northwest Film Forum and Fandor, we're supporting the launch of a new screening series called #VODIRL, which we hope can be a framework that connects an indie film's online audience (VOD) to an offline screening event (IRL) in support of raising awareness about new release VOD titles (and the filmmakers who make them).

The first experiment happens this Saturday as part of NWFF's annual Local Sightings Film Festival and a 10-year anniversary screening of Lynn Shelton's feature film debut, WE GO WAY BACK. The IRL portion takes place at the NWFF and includes a rare 35mm screening (tickets) of Ms. Shelton's film followed by an audience Q&A with Ms. Shelton and much of the film's cast and crew. The VOD portion of the event takes place on the Fandor platform, where we're encouraging Fandor subscribers (and potential new subscribers) to press "Play" on WE GO WAY BACK at approximately 7pmPDT. 

After the film comes to an end online, we're encouraging audience members to join the in-person Q&A via the hashtag #VODIRL, a Twitter stream of which will be projected on the NWFF's screen as the Q&A proceeds on the floor just beneath. In addition to the projected tweets, we'll also be running a Periscope livestream, allowing us to pull questions from each platform, thereby integrating the online/offline audience experiences in real time.   

We'll also be tracking the reach of the #VODIRL hashtag, as well as anecdotal engagement throughout the weekend. On Monday, we'll run a visual network analysis (via NodeXL) to see which online outlets/users were driving the most engagement (and where they were driving it to). 

If you'd like to get involved in the grassroots promotion effort, we've created a few social media posts you can share with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, as well as this image to include with your post(s).



@NorthwestFilmForum and @Fandor are co-launching a new online/offline screening series called #VODIRL and it kicks off with @Lynn Shelton's first feature film, #WeGoWayBack.

Just press PLAY at 7pmPT on Fandor, then join Ms. Shelton, along with her cast and crew, for a LIVE online/offline Q&A 80 minutes later via a Periscope livestream from the NW Film Forum and real-time tweets using the hashtag #VODIRL!

Twitter #1:

#VODIRL connects online/offline audiences w/ filmmakers & their films and it launches w/ @lynnsheltonfilm's #WeGoWayBack at @nwfilmforum!

Twitter #2

This Saturday at 7pmPT: #VODIRL at @nwfilmforum w/ @lynnsheltonfilm's #WeGoWayBack plus LIVE online Q&A!


Twitter #1:

#VODIRL happens tonight at 7pmPT! Watch #WeGoWayBack then join @lynnsheltonfilm for LIVE online Q&A at 8:25pmPT! [] (p.s. Link won't work until Saturday morning)

Twitter #2:

Watch #WeGoWayBack on #Fandor at 7pmPT & then join a LIVE online Q&A w/ @lynnsheltonfilm at 8:25pmPT via #VODIRL!

Twitter #3 (scheduled for 8:25pmPT): 

Have a question for indie #filmmaker @lynnsheltonfilm about her 1st feature #WeGoWayBack? Tweet it now via #VODIRL!