Working with Virtual Reality (VR) Clients (filmmakers, asset creators, production designers, camera equipment designers) on their PR and marketing plans takes some understanding of the new frontiers they face. The current pace of innovation grows exponentially as people share ideas, technology solutions, and trouble-shoot each other’s VR projects. Maintaining the delicate balance of sharing ideas openly plus building new relationships, versus maintaining a competitive edge to gain market share, is crucial for success.

Competitive Analysis helps our VR Clients determine where they are currently positioned in the marketplace, and what their strengths and weaknesses are, as compared to their competitors. Companies that understand the market place can more easily articulate to their audience why their product and business is best in class.

Networking is crucial for the VR Client to establish key industry relationships. Only by reaching out can VR Clients make connections with:

  • VR apps and content studios;
  • Tools and platform owners (development tools, reality capture, distribution platforms); and
  • Infrastructure providers (display devices and user input devices).

Audience Engagement is necessary for our VR Clients to start building and maintaining a customer base, and to provide high level customer service. Whether the customer is the end consumer, or another business (or both), Our VR Clients have a presence that clearly articulates brand identity, first to mind products, and engagement with customer needs. 

If you would like Smarthouse Creative help you dive a little deeper into competitive analysis, social media networking, and audience engagement tactics, please call Nancy Rodriguez, Smarthouse Creative’s Head of Business Development, at 310-454-8743.