Wondering how to best curate your watch queue tonight, to give some love to, and get some inspiration from, female-powered films? We got your covered: 

The Goddess Project
This documentary comes out TODAY on Amazon and iTunes (or you can order yourself a DVD)! What better day to watch it?!  Determined to empower the feminine voice, two filmmakers packed their lives into a school bus and hit the road for what became the most transformative adventure of their lives. Through powerful conversations with over 100 women from different walks of life, The Goddess Project gives an intimate look into the collective experience that women in the United States face today.

Arcadia Flats
Arcadia Flats is a cinematic 360 horror experience that follows Alice (Jessica Martin) as she attempts to outrun supernatural forces. Ivan (Evan Mosher) comes across her car on a dark, deserted road. Will either of them survive the night? It's directed by the new VR company Electric Dream Factory, co-headed by the Lacey Leavitt. 


Today's a perfect day to support this in-production documentary exploring the criminalization of pregnant women, as seen through the eyes of a young mother swept up in dangerous new laws. They currently have a match on campaign donations up to $5000, so it's the perfect time to donate to help them reach their goal! Personhood is directed by Joanne Arranger and produced by Rosalie Miller. 

America Rise
What better day than International Women's Day to support this feature documentary, that will explore the phenomenon of the Women’s March on Washington, which became the largest one-day protest in U.S. history. The film will examine why and how millions came together in solidarity to march through small towns and big cities nationwide. The spirit of the movement began with a single march and quickly swelled into hundreds across seven continents. The story will concentrate on the United States while keeping viewers aware of the global significance.

Smarthouse is lucky to work with many talented female filmmakers! If you're looking for even more great docs to watch this week, check out this recent list.