My Last Year With the Nuns
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Coverage Highlights

indieWIRE / June 6, 2014
"A hilarious, original approach to portraying nostalgia at the movies...With [Matt] Smith's memories as the subject, [Bret] Fetzer constructs a compelling cinematic experiment that turns the actor's monologue into a feature ­length movie, and the result holds as much appeal as the solitary member of the cast...The result is like "Amarcord" by way of Spalding Gray—a rich coming­ of­ age story that gradually accumulates its appeal through the storyteller's investment in bringing each ingredient to life."
­Eric Kohn,

Seattle Times / May 20, 2014
"Much more than a photographed one­ man play, Bret Fetzer’s irreverent film of Matt Smith’s popular monologue makes spare but clever use of Seattle locations that represent the churches, schools, parks, playgrounds and outhouses where Smith’s adolescent adventures took place in the mid­1960s." ­John Hartl,
Seattle Times

City Arts Magazine / May 2014
"This is a story that goes far beyond its few square blocks. Watching
M y Last Year With the Nuns is like opening a time capsule, unearthing layer upon layer of colorful, controversial history about a place that you thought you knew."
­Gemma Watson,
City Arts Magazine

The Stranger / May 2014
"Pranks, loogies, the tragic end of a dirty magazine collection, a pile of telltale vomit on the classroom floor—these are some of Matt Smith’s memories from growing up Catholic on Capitol Hill in the ’60s. So is the casual racism and homophobia of his fellow kids and grown­ups alike, and he relates it all with an unsettling, deadpan blue­ eyed stare. This film is based on his one­ man show, and the transfer from stage to cinema is exceptionally well­ accomplished, with clever use of lo­fi effects and locations on the Hill. Most importantly, Smith’s stories are funny, vivid, unflinching, and revelatory."
­Bethany Jean Clement,
The Stranger

New Day Northwest / October 27, 2014
Live appearance

The Air Raid Podcast / December 14, 2014

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