Russell Hodgkinson is a theater, T.V and film actor and stars in the SyFy original series "Z Nation" (, now in its third season. He has also guest starred on "Leverage" and "Grimm" among other shows. Since moving to Seattle in 2003, Russell has continued his theater career and become active in the independent film scene. His most recent film, STAR LEAF (, will be playing at the 2016 Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival on July 29 and 30.

In this TAMP episode, Russell talks with Smarthouse Creative's, Ryan Davis, about the various ways that his fans fuel and inspire his work, why he believes the work that he does is important, and the impact that he has on his audience in terms of their perspective of him as an actor and a person.

Russell describes the blurred lines between his career and his personal life, and the opportunity it creates for he and his audience to connect more closely. He describes "how to love your audience" and gives a surprising answer to the question: "Do you consider your audience when pursuing new acting roles?"

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You can follow Russell on Twitter at; @hodgmahal and on Instagram at russell_hodgkinson

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